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My Christmas wish came true. Jess and I last minute-dly packed a suitcase, removed a cat from atop that suitcase, sat on and zipped that suitcase, and bussed-trained-planed to New York for Christmas. (Well, Newark, we planed to Newark. And trained to New York.)  This all happened in December, and I somehow am finding time …

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Koh Rong is a Cambodian island that I discovered two of my favorite pastimes: hermit crab watching at night and snorkeling. Jess and I carved kabocha squash because it was around Halloween. We spent an immense amount of time on our bungalow porch in a hammock reading, at the restaurant eating spicy pasta, and swimming …

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I’m still trying to get through this million post recap of my time in SE Asia. This is Cambodia.     Siem Reap, I don’t have much to say about because the happy pizza really messed with me.  I had to devise a character to help me in my imagination get through the day (thanks …

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For the most part, visiting the artist community of Pai was bagel sandwiches, motorbike riding, cat watching, and curry eating. After the mini van ride up the mountain, Jess and I set out to find a place to stay.  Initially we picked a place near the river, but it was too crowded and noisy for our liking, …

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