It is the Purple bottle

Saturday breakfast at Juniors.

Good feelings after this breakfast: vegan french toast, potatoes, and coffee.

I’ve been having good days.

Jess feet, Jules feet.

Found on the hostel sidewalk.

Matinee showing.

Wild berries.

Jalapeno pretzel with spicy mustard.

Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ slosmomofo.

Veggie Grill takeout: chill out wings.

Afternoon weekend strolling with my beautiful girlfriend.

Here’s what new:

  • Dining at Veggie Grill often ever since it opened up downtown. Read this to get a feel about what VG has to offer. Months before I had ever set foot in the restaurant, I experienced a cookie from a California based Veggie Grill.  It traveled by plane, was delicious, and had a satisfactory chocolate chip count. The menu in its entirety is excellent.
  • The only things standing in between me and summer are two final exams and one 15 page paper.
  • I ate two slices of this pie that Jess made: (when it’s gone I know I will make that sound that Ash Ketchum makes in Pokemon when something doesn’t go his way.)

Chocolate-peanut butter-salted caramel, sprinkles, shortbread crust aka I tasted heaven.

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