Soup & Sandwiches

Strawberry cardamom ice.

Delicious scoop from the Oregon Ice Works cart in SE Portland. Enjoyed in immensely hot weather.

V parsley pesto rigatoni. Crafted by Jess.

My work schedule has kicked into summer mode so lately I’m exhausted and craving soup and sandwiches after my shifts are over.

Follow Your Heart mozzarella garlic cheese bread with pesto.

Tomato, hummus, cucumber, peppadew sandwich from New Seasons deli.

Jess made delicious chickpea, noodle, tofu soup.

And May Kaidee’s Tom Yam soup.

It’s the water!

Huxley loves Scattergories.

I really love my job, especially during summertime.  Coming home to kisses, cats, beer, and Jeopardy! is the icing on the cake.

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  1. James Rogers said:

    How creative. Using online sources to blog about food but also to stay in touch with each other :D
    (This is James from CCC Environmental science)
    I would really enjoy someone telling me some good vegan place while I stay in Portland for the summer :)
    Miss you girls and hope all is well :)

  2. Hi James! Great to hear from you, dude. Email us about which neighborhoods and types of cuisines you’re interested in and we’ll pour out our brains to you.

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