Summer Catch Up


My summer of lounging around the house, reading all the books I can get my hands on, and baking myself treats has been punctuated by some momentous occasions. We packed up all of our belongings and moved out of our rented duplex, and into a single family home (still rented!) with a terrific kitchen and front and backyard that we are encouraged to cultivate. My plans for the yard include a trellis and a passionflower vine, multiple hydrangeas, and raised garden beds. I picked up two cedar Adirondack chairs from Jerry’s (the local home improvement store) that we plan to stain, and lounge in by the gardens next summer.

This was the first summer that I watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, held in London. Austin and I stayed up to watch the successful landing of the Mars Rover, Curiosity. We took an adventure out to Crater Lake National Park (a gorgeous caldera, and one the deepest lakes on the planet). At the end of August is my 23rd birthday. Time is moving quickly.

Mosaic along the side of the house. I love that little guy.

Our new home is full of boxes, but we’re slowly getting everything put away in its proper place. This will be the first place I’ve lived in since moving out of my dad’s house that I will get to hang curtains. I’ll likely make them myself. Austin (ever the handyman) hung two vinyl shades on the outside of our house, for privacy and to block the incessant mid-day sun from heating up our home. Our landlords own a family pottery business, and the studio is attached to our house. All of the tile in our house was made by them, as well as the gorgeous mosaics that are displayed in the kitchen, and along the outside of the house.

Hanging shades

Just hanging up some shades.
Taking care of business.

Austin in the kitchen
The kitchen in the morning light. It’s much less messy now.

Waffle batter
Austin made us waffles for breakfast on the second morning in our new place.

Boy with a waffle.

Plain blueberry waffle
I requested blueberries in mine.

Blueberries, Earth Balance, maple syrup. Growing up we always used the bottles of syrup that were full of things other than actual syrup. Now we use the good stuff, which is easy to find in the Pacific Northwest.

I can’t get over this kitchen. More cabinets than we know what to do with (in the best way!).


Blackberry season is in full swing in the Pacific Northwest. I hope to get out and pick a few gallons to freeze for smoothies and blackberry muffins mid-winter.

Here are a few more photos of the house, inside and out:

Is posting pictures of our bathroom sharing too much? Can you blame me? Look at the tiles in the shower!

Living room
Taking a break from moving our possessions inside, with root beers. This room now has a bookshelf, with a television and radio on top of it.

This room now has a bookshelf on the same wall as the bed, and no more books on the floor, as well as a dresser.

These mugs were thrown, carved, and glazed by Austin’s art professor back in Illinois. We treasure them. They’re on the display shelves in the kitchen.

Lemons and limes
My citrus plate shares a shelf with the mugs.

Side of the house, by the blackberry bushes.

Pretty pink edged rose in the front yard.

Lemon herbs and mosaic
Along the back of the house, near the entry way. Whatever that plant is, it smells like lemons and I want more of it.

I’ve been getting in to block carving lately, which Austin introduced to me. I’m pretty proud of my pear and radish designs. I hope to expand my fruit and vegetables carving collection and make a series. That square is destined to become a throw pillow.

Julia is coming down for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and check out our new house for herself. I used to be the more frequent chef, but she has been picking up some skills from Jess, and has probably surpassed my abilities. Maybe she’ll agree to a sister photo shoot. When we were roommates, pictures of the two of us were taken frequently, but I don’t have a single recent photo of both of us. Now that we have the internet up and running again, and are settling in to our new home, updates will be more steady on my part. Hope everyone’s summer has been as jam-packed full of fun and adventure as mine!

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  1. Congrats on your move and finding your perfect home! Your plant is Lemon Balm (also called Melissa) and it spreads like mint, so you will surely have more of it. LOTS more of it! Happy settling in. =)

    • Thank you for your kind words and for identifying the mystery plant! Lemon Balm. Delightful! Glad to hear it’s easy to keep around. :)

  2. Fanny said:

    I was going to comment on the Lemon Balm as well, but I see you already got it covered. It’s great in pesto or mixed into a peanut sauce. It’s very common here in Sweden. I also can’t leave without complementing the gorgeous tomato and the stamps!

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