Treats & Treasures

Pickled jalapeños.

Jars containing home-made pickling projects fill me with joy.  So does my girlfriend’s fingernail polish- so pretty.

SE Hawthorne.

Afternoon walks are punctuated by interesting flora.  We saw abundant pear trees, tomato plant filled yards, and wild artichokes today.  Then we stopped by Kruger’s farm market for broccolini and limes.

Holy, tomato.

Homer Simpson’s favorite fruit.

Eugene, Oregon’s sky.

I caught a south-bound Saturday afternoon train to visit with Angel.  She recently relocated and I’m so impressed by her yard.  Living in apartments for my entire Portland life has made me nostalgic for an area of grass outside my door.

Angel Legume: photographer, Pokemon trainer, pie connoisseur.

Tofu scramble with red pepper flakes and veggies.

I tried to make my sister tofu scramble since she’s never had it.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Angel has never had tofu scramble.  I tried to cook her one as good as the ones Jess makes on a regular basis at home.  It didn’t turn out like the ones I usually eat, but it was totally edible and we finished the whole cast iron pan full.

Ang and I rode our bikes around.

Vegan brownie case at Sundance Natural Foods.

Soy latte from Vero.

Slice from Sweet Life.

Plain ol’ risotto.

Fred Meyer grocery trip:
Angel: What are you getting?
Me: Ramen.
Angel: I thought you were going to make something fancy.

So I made risotto for us. Because I felt confident in its taste.  I had made a mushroom spinach risotto for Jess a few weeks ago.  (Driven by a ‘what would Gordon Ramsey do’ moment.)

Regarding Angel’s wonderful yard: it’s full of clover patches.  Luck yard.

Four leaf clovers.

I rode the train back to Portland this morning.

Cat party. (Zelda: front and center. Brian: top left corner.)

Recent favorite meals:

Jess’ pasta e fagioli: meatless, Italian, legume-y. <3

Nacho night. The usual fixin’s + grated Follow Your Heart.

Eight treasures tea from Bay Leaf.

Treat receipt trip. Photo by Jess.

Jess bought three jars of the best pb ever which I discovered after making a sandwich for work.

Beautiful Sconington and her long ‘be still my heart’ locks.

Zelda and J’s zucchini bundts.

One last treasure: during my visit to Eugene, I woke up at 4:45 a.m. and looked at Angel’s books to find one to read.  I found my old acting textbook from community college: Acting Essentials -or- Just Say Your Lines Like You Mean Them and Don’t Bump into the Scenery.   I fell back asleep reading it and so many great memories came out of my dormant mind.

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