Kitchen Tour!


Kittee had the brilliant idea of giving us a tour of her kitchen via photos. And her kitchen is gorgeous. She invited us to follow suit, so here is the place where I cook all of my food!

My boyfriend and I have been in this house since mid July. We are mostly unpacked, minus a ton of books and art supplies that we’re not sure where to put yet. We need more shelves. But our kitchen is coming right along. Every now and then I find something new to hang up, or place on the fridge. We still have plenty of room in the cabinets, and I look forward to filling them with kitchen gadgets and tasty pantry items.

The top drawer holds our silverware, the second one keeps all of our hand held kitchen gadgets and measuring cups organized, the third drawer is full of parchment paper and foil type things, and the fourth has a bunch of baking things and cookie cutters.

We have enough counter space to keep our microwave up there. It just fit underneath those cabinets. Phew. Also, Austin bought me both of those knife sets.

Baking pantry
This is where we keep all of our baking supplies and our spices.

I like this stove, with its digital clock and it’s magical burner in the front right corner, which can be either a 4, 6, or 8, inch burner if needed. Also, do you see that part of the counter on the left of the stove? It’s smooth so that we have a surface for rolling out dough (which is difficult to do on a tiled counter)!

Kitchen window
Here’s the kitchen sink ledge. Austin got the dragon fruit plant from Epcot a few years ago. We need to transplant it.

Window sill close up
Here’s a closer picture of our lichen terrarium (a Christmas gift from Austin’s sister), a fig from the tree next door, the dragon fruit, and a green onion.

Kitchen sink

Kitchen counter
My favorite feature in this room is the gorgeous counter top. Our landlords are potters, and they made all of the tiles for the counter, as well as that mosaic on the kitchen wall.

I cut this bloom off of my hydrangea plant in the back yard. I’m hoping it’ll dry and I can keep it around for a while. Austin made that vase when we lived back in IL, in a pottery class at our community college.

Dish towel
Crate and Barrel sells these gorgeous dish towels, that Austin and I collect and hang on our walls.

Steel table
Austin brought this steel table with him when he moved to Oregon, and it has been a life saver in our old kitchens that had no counter space. It’s still pretty useful in this place. We keep our flours on it, as well as our bread maker.

Kitchen Aid
And our Kitchen Aid mixer, that Austin got to bring back here from a family visit back to IL one Christmas, when his family all chipped in to get his mom a brand new one.

Measurements for baking
Close up of the flours, and our conversion poster (also from Crate and Barrel).

Here is our refrigerator!

We keep our toaster on the counter, because it’s used every day at breakfast time by Austin. If it was up to me, we’d have far more dishes than we do. Austin’s mom bought me those pretty colored bowls. The top shelf holds all of our water bottles.

Dish rack
We generally wash dishes by hand, unless we skip a few days, and then we use our dishwasher.

Our whole kitchen. <3

Thanks for checking out my kitchen! It's my very favorite one of all the places I've lived in since moving out of my parent's home in 2009.

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  1. Debbie said:

    I am sincerely jealous! What a beautiful and fun kitchen! Did you do the mosaic tile on the walls? Beautiful.

    • Thank you so much! My landlords did the mosaic. You should see the shower, it has gorgeous tiles as well. Just looking at the kitchen tiles makes me smile. Especially at night time with the string of lights plugged in.

  2. Emily said:

    Your kitchen is so immensely beautiful! I can’t stop looking at the tile counter tops, the shiny blue drawers, the handy little reference chart, and your artsy fridge collage (“For my peach pie” aww). The color scheme makes me happy.

    One question: where did you get your drying rack? I really like the design.

    • Thank you. That peach pie note contained a gift card to my favorite bakery in this town, Sweet Life Patisserie. Mmm!
      Our dish drying rack actually came with the house, as did the two nice swivel chairs. The rack is really nice, we used to just rinse dishes and lay them out on dish towels. I think Bed, Bath, and Beyond might be the best bet for finding something similar. They have a pretty decent kitchen section.

      • The dish drying rack came from a yard sale, and the swivel bar stool chairs came from St. Vincent de Paul’s.

  3. fanyalucy said:

    What a big and gorgeous kitchen! I love the tiles, the color is so pretty. Also, why don’t homes in Sweden have the sink below a window? Would make doing the dishes so much more pleasant.

    • It really does make dishes less of a chore. Especially during this season, with a big tree across the street changing its colors. :)

  4. kittee said:

    I love your kitchen very very much. The hand made tile counters and mosaic are killer. You have such nice light, storage and space. So awesome!!!!

    • Thank you very much! I definitely appreciate this kitchen. Thanks for the idea of sharing kitchens with others! I love seeing what kinds of spaces other people have, and how they’ve made them their own.

    • Right?! I like the bar/counter area, because friends can sit and talk while I cook on the other side. In our old place, if you were cooking in the kitchen you were somewhat isolated.

  5. Beth said:

    Major kitchen (and blog) love! I love the gorgeous tilework and mosaic… Having potter landlords is a major plus!

    • Thank you. :) It really is. They made a beautiful mosaic around the base of the entire outside of the house.

  6. ameyfm said:

    wow, your kitchen is really super beautiful! I LOVE those blue tiles! How lovely to spend your culinary time in such a beautiful place :)

  7. What a great kitchen tour. I love how much space you have and your work surfaces are amazing. I love the arty tea towels too.

    • Thank you! I hope they keep making the series for every season, we’ve got the summer and fall themed towels. One full of root veggies for the winter would be lovely.

  8. Hindy said:

    I love your kitchen! Love the tile backsplash! Am also impressed with how organized and clean it is!

    • We’ve only lived in the place for a few months, that explains the organization! We haven’t had enough time to clutter it up quite yet. :)

  9. How lucky that your landlords set you in the right direction with that stunning counter and backsplash!

  10. Gorgeous kitchen…the openness of it with the outer counter and stools is great! Always fun to cook and bake with company chatting away nearby. Totally love the steel table too! Cheers!

    • Thank you! I love sitting in the swivel chairs while Austin cooks.

  11. Love, love, love your wrap-around counter!! I miss mine from a couple of houses ago from the house my husband built.

    • Aw! I bet it was hard to leave them behind. But the current tenants probably love them like I love our landlord’s handiwork. :)

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