I heart Brooklyn




And we did. Some highlights of the two weeks just spent in New York:


Holiday fire engine

Coffee at Swallow Cafe, Jess’ glittery fingernails

Monkey with my present from Aslan

Me, Aslan, and Jen on the way to Champs

Christmas hug

Spicy banh mi at Champs

Baked goods case at Champs

First place taste: chocolate mint whoopie pies

Waiting for Sufjan, pictured: program songbook, two Stellas, glittery tights, and nonpareils

The Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas sing-a-long seasonal affective disorder yuletide disaster pageant on ice

Fox and Bigfoot

Swallow cafe


Candle cafe: quesadilla, mac and cheese, potatoes, tofu club

Aslan in the VIP section, waiting for our group’s bottle of champagne

Brooklyn brewery: Beer has dispelled the illness which was in me

View from Dumbo

Community bookstore

Wild Ginger’s hot and sour soup

Two Boots pizza

Sugar cookies, photo by @jdfunks

Ice cream

Vegan treats


Stumptown coffee kombucha from the Vegan Shop up at Pine Box Rock Shop

My gift to Aslan and Jen, photo by @jdenoto

Grinder at Champs

Falafel for Jess, lentil soup for me


Christmas bazaar

The man with the mustache

IMG_1173 IMG_1156 IMG_1149J


  1. babette said:

    Wow, I need to go back to New York soon. I must get to Champs. I couldn’t find it last time!

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