Cannot contain excitement for VVC II, Exterminate, Veganize

As of late, one phrase has been noticeably repetitively uttered by me: I am so excited for Vida Vegan Con. I am so excited for Vida Vegan Con. So much that I feel like a robot, I’m not a robot (but if I were I would definitely be a dalek– a cool one.)  So, please allow me to share with you what I’m looking forward to. So excited.

What’s Vida Vegan Con? Read it if you don’t already know. Okay, now that we’re on the same page:

First: Topic excitement vs. Speaker excitement:
So much love here.  I need to distinguish between the two because there are some topics that I’m stoked about sitting in a room and absorbing everything and there are some people that will be speaking where I’m more excited about the person than the topic, AND there are even some cases where these two things overlap.  This is the agenda, which includes both speakers and topics.

Especially looking forward to:

Grant Butler moderating The Art of Writing Recipes and talking about Restaurant Reviews with Authority (Swoon. I have such a Grant Butler thing.)
Everything Gabrielle Pope (Possibly the nicest human on earth?)
Julie Hasson (I don’t care about being a cookbook author! But I love her.)
Joni Marie Newman (Mad mad style.)
Jamie J. Hagen (From autostraddle.)
The Mofo workshop (Angel, go with me!)
Joanna Vaught (You know when someone has a funny kid and you become a fan of them as a person for that and what they write on the internet? This is what Joanna means to me. Will I be a shy nerd when I meet her or will I be cool? Time will tell.)
Maeve Connor (She’s got quick wit and points comparable to Rachel Maddow and her cats are super cute.)
Sensitivity and Trigger Words. (The topic most close to my own heart.)
Chelsea Lincoln. (Is awesome.)
Interdietary Cohabitation. (Does not apply to me… and yet, so excited.)
Really, I’m excited about everything but I can’t just re-list the whole agenda.  After the closing talk, my goal is to hug every. single. person.

Excitement point 2: THE FOOD.
I hear rumors… Veggie Grill, Sizzle Pie, breakfast spreads …
I am 24 years old and I know that the weekend of VVC II will be the best eating weekend of my life.

Excitement point 3: THE SWAG BAG
I hope I’m allowed to say this, but there are multiple boxes of Go Max Go candy bars in my kitchen and I’m not allowed to eat them because they are going into the swag bags. So far I’ve kept my cravings in check… you’re welcome. What else is in there?! People are still talking about the VVC I swag bag.

Next: The people who are in charge of this are cool.  One of them is my girlfriend.  The work Janessa, Michele, and Jess put into this conference is (say this in Chris’ voice from Parks and Rec): literally mind boggling.  They don’t ever stop working on it. Cue photos of me falling asleep while Jess works feverishly into the night brimming with inspiration and work-ethic:

Zelda and I. Twinsies. Don't mind my low sweatpants and spine tattoo.

Zelda and I. Twinsies. Don’t mind my low sweatpants and spine tattoo.


IMG_2272 IMG_1027



Another thing, the conference is at the Portland Art Museum this year. BEAUTIFUL much?  Besides the conference, there’s extra curricular hang outs and pop ups.  For once in my life, everything is applicable.  I am so excited for Vida Vegan Con.

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