Vida Vegan Con, I love you

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I have over 500 photos from the “vegan love fest” that is Vida Vegan Con, and yet I can only bring myself to share six of them. Similarly, I have an unstoppable flow of thoughts and feelings about the event, but I will only share a small piece.

I fully appreciated the time and work put into the planning of VVC II.  It reminded me of a gardener tending to a precious seed, then standing back and watching the flower bloom (that’s the conference happening, follow me here folks.)  One of the organizers is my significant other.  I am so damn proud of her.  For me, this weekend was all about helping as much as I could (driving a van to transport boxes and bags, filling in for MIA volunteers, running running running errands), eating fake meat sandwiches, meeting new people who I genuinely like, meeting new people that I will respectfully avoid from now on (why are you selling yourself as a brand and/or complaining about waiting in line at conference with 350 other people?!), learning perspectives and points of view on interesting topics from people smart and compassionate enough to be vegans, scooping ice cream, shaking hands.

At one point, I ate a glittery pink cupcake at the gala and marveled at how beautiful the space was and how my sister was kind enough to lend a hand (and many hours), and that my favorite food cart (Tandem Treats) was outside, and that my girlfriend (and her wonderful VVC partners) made all this happen.

I witnessed the fact that VVC does not make money from this event, they break even. They do this for you, vegans. They do this for you.


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