Chiang Mai: riding on bikes with croissants

After hopping out of the ENP van in Chiang Mai city, I sat down at a cafe and waited… until I saw someone familiar.

First thing I did



Jess and I stayed in the city for a couple nights before we bussed, bright and early, to Pai.


Gap’s House: comfiest bed

Gap's House

Gap’s House: art

Gap’s House does not take reservations, because people love it so much that they refuse to leave. Well something like that. I felt like I was staying at a beloved grandmother’s house.


Catching up over toast and coffee



We mostly spent the day biking around and stopping at anything we felt like.


Dinner friend

Blue Diamond has vegan croissants and baked goods. Nuff said.

Blue Diamond

Late night eats


Looking out into the garden


One of the dozen croissants I consumed in 36 hours


Little croissant




Hi coffee, missed you


The Breakfast Club

I didn’t take many photos, because I was holding Jess’s hand and telling her all about elephants.

Chiang Mai

One sign: three beer specials

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai night market


Juicy 4 U

Juicy 4 U: held a baby puppy and ate a great sandwich


Baby Mango


Bookstore guard


Game of thrones

When you play the game of thrones… you get vivid nightmares every night

We said goodbye to Gap’s House and climbed into a mini van for the 762-curves-ride to Pai.


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  1. Yay! Jess and you look so happy to have been reunited!

    I could eat all those vegan croissants and still want more. Did you notice a lot of Thai people eating them? My mom is Thai and she would often have these in the house growing up. I always thought it was just a “my mom” kinda thing but now I wonder.

    Which Games of Thrones book are you on? I’m a little burned out on it and am somewhere near the beginning of “A Feast for Crows”.

  2. babette said:

    Croissants at Blue Diamond? I missed those! And that puppy! Last time I held a puppy was 14 years ago I think, or even more.

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